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Marathon Figure Skating Club

Screening Questionnaire

MFSC COVID Return to Play Protocols

  1. Waiver
    1. All participants in the 2020/2021 season of skating with the Marathon Figure Skating Club must sign a waiver at the time of registration which indicates that they understand the risks associated with COVID 19 and sports participation and they accept those risks.
  2. Group Limits
    1. At this point in time, our local facility has stipulated a maximum of 20 skaters on the ice at a time (plus coaches). We will maintain a waitlist for skaters who cannot participate due to group limits and will notify them when and if these numbers change. Our pricing is pro-rated based on weeks remaining in the season for anyone who might join later in the year.
  3. Screening
    1. All participants and skaters will be actively screened before entering the arena by a volunteer from the Marathon Figure Skating Club
    2. Marathon Figure Skating Club will use the screening questionnaire provided by Skate Ontario
    3. Marathon Figure Skating Club will keep records of all participants in the event that we are asked to participate in contact screening.
    4. Any individual who does not pass the screening questionnaire will not be allowed to participate in the skating session.
    5. Skater can return to skating when they are cleared to return to school. In the event that a skater does not attend school they will be asked to contact Public Health for directions on when it is safe to return to play.
  4. Management of Symptomatic Individuals
    1. In the event that a skater misses skating due to failing the screening questionnaire, that skater must contact and follow public health directions regarding safe return to play.
    2. In the event that a skater develops symptoms that could be attributed to COVID 19 while on the ice:
      1. The skater will be removed from the ice and placed in our isolation space (the referee room) until their guardian is able to pick them up and take them home.
      2. Families of skaters involved in that session will receive an email to inform them that a skater developed symptoms during the ice session and that they should monitor for symptoms and contact public health as necessary
    3. In the event that a coach fails the screening questionnaire, the session will run with our second coach. If both coaches fail the screening questionnaire, the session will be cancelled. This will be announced on our Facebook page and through email as soon as we are aware of the cancellation.
  5. Spectators
    1. According to the Town of Marathon, skaters will be allowed one parent/guardian to observe their training session. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Siblings and other extended family will not be allowed to enter the arena.
  6. Arena Flow
    1. Skaters will not have access to the dressing rooms and as such are asked to come to the arena prepared to skate.
    2. Ice skates and helmets will be put on in the arena in designated areas on the benches.
    3. Flow of traffic in the arena will be one way and clearly marked. We ask that all skaters and guardians follow the markings at all times.
    4. Skaters may arrive a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the session and must leave within 10 minutes from the end of the skating session.
  7. Skater Achievements/Rewards/Instruction
    1. In an attempt to minimize contact, skater report cards will be scanned and emailed to parents. We will hold on to any badges that have been achieved throughout the season and provide them in an envelope at the end of the season to skaters.
    2. Stickers will not be placed on helmets this season. Instead we will have a poster board with the skater’s names on the boards and stickers will be placed on the poster board.
    3. Coaches are not permitted to touch skaters. As such, any skater who is unable to stand on their own or get up from the ground independently will not be able to participate in skating this year.
    4. In an attempt to maintain “skating cohorts” skaters will remain in the same group for the duration of this season. When we offer the next registration (in the new year), skater groups will be re-evaluated and changed in necessary.
  8. Payment
    1. In an attempt to reduce contact, registration will be online via and payment will be made through credit or debit. Payments will still be accepted through third parties such as Jump Start.
    2. Payment for tests and competitions will also be made through our uplifter website.
  9. PPE
    1. Masks must be worn in the arena at all times by skaters and spectators. Skaters are asked to wear a clean mask to the arena.
    2. Skaters may remove their mask on the ice for their skating session. If the coach will be using a coaching technique that does not allow for 6 feet of distance between the skater and coach they will both be required to wear masks
    3. Physical distancing on the ice will be maintained through the use physical barriers (pylons, passing lanes, etc.) and verbal instructions from coaches.
    4. Coaches will wear masks for the entire skating session.
    5. Skaters will be asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the ice and after leaving the ice at the end of their session.
    6. Skaters must wear clean gloves/mittens for the entire session. Guardians are asked to ensure that gloves/mittens are washed after every session.
  10. Loss of Ice Time
    1. The Marathon Figure Skating Club is not responsible for loss of ice due to COVID 19.
    2. In the event of a prolonged shut down of the arena, the board of directors will meet to review the feasibility of reimbursements and will notify registered members within thirty days of the shut down if a reimbursement will be provided.
  11. Board Contacts
    1. If you have any questions regarding COVID 19 and the Marathon Figure Skating Club, please contact any member of the COVID oversight committee.
      1. Megen Brunskill 807-228-0842
      2. Sharon Desmoulin
      3. Kayla Greco
      4. Kimberly Moses
      5. Shannon Severance